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Naish Fly

The Fly is Naish’s new light wind kite. The Fly is possible to fly in virtually no wind and is exceptionally fun to ride. The extremely light weight of the Fly is primarily a result of removing the center strut. By doing this the kite performs pretty much as a spinnaker to a sailing boat, generating more power than you can expect in light wind conditions!
The Fly use the same handling system as for the Park, which make the kite very good turning abilities
The Fly uses the Park’s proven easy-handling design, which gives it superior turning ability, but the kite incorporates more overall sweep design, a.k.a. Swept compact C-shape. This Swept Compact C-shape blends the pop and lift from a C-kite with the handling of a swept SLE kite. This combination is necessary to be able to water relaunch the kite in marginal wind conditions yet providing as much lift as possible.

Design Characteristics:
* The Fly comes in one size only, 15m. However, this kite is said to hold the power of an 18m kite with the turning abilities of a 12m kite.
* Super-light weight
* Based on the proven Park platform
* Two strut design
* Incredible low-end
* Superior water relaunch in light winds
* Includes 10m extension lines

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