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Naish Torch 2013 Review

Naish Torch is the new kite introduced for the year 2013 from Naish and it has some of the most distinct and lovely features. The kite named as the Torch in this case comes in different sizes starting from 5M to 14M sizes, and it’s a C-kite shaped, and the best for free style surfing. For this Naish Torch kite the total team of Naish feels proud for it. This torch is fast and powerful and comes with new improved features with the state of the art performance when using it for surfing. The delivery power is very smooth. For an excellent pop and lift Naish gave airframe design to the new Torch. This new Naish Torch have non-swept outline, power foil canopy, shift system platform, evolutive profile, octopus inflation system. For the Hooked and un-hooked c- kite riding the shift control system is absolutely perfect choice.
There is an improvement in the design of the Torch so that it is each rider has the safety, control and comfort during all session. The specialty of the Torch is that it flies quickly in the air and when you need to depower the torch, it easily does so by just edging hard with your board. The torch is powered smoothly and depowered as the design is similar to the bridled kite which basically helps the kite to fly higher and faster. Due to the Torch’s precise design the riding of the kite is quite smooth and the rider will enjoy the ride whether he is attached or not attached to the hook. The struts on the torch are quite stiff when it is in the air which actually helps the torch to fly smooth and precise. Currently torch is been winning applauds of many kite surfers around the world due to all these new features in it.
The reason why torch has been appreciated so much in the sports recently is due to the couple of changes that has been made it to be liked by all. One of the key features is the non-swept outline which provides full power and is quite accurate when its needs to unhook. The struts on the kite are placed is such a way that very optimal control is available. The other feature is the Evolution profile which actually provides the power and speed to the kite from the center sections and helps in turning at higher speeds. It also helps in stabilizing the kite and avoids the back stall on the kite. The third good feature in the torch is the Shift system used which actually keeps the fifth line in the lock status so that when the user pulls, it moves only from his direction. The shift system basically depowers the kite when required. The power foil canopy feature in the torch generates or helps in the lift of the kite from the ground. The torch’s struts are made of Dacron frame which supports huge loads without any issues and the best part of this torch is its excellent when riding through the waves.


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