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Naish Park – 2012

The Naish Park is one kite that fits all styles and that be used in any conditions.

The Park has 3 struts and the profile is a Swept Compact C that makes the kite both stable and responsive. The powerful profile combined with low weight gives excellent low-end performances yet a great wind range.

The Park delivers maximum depower and relaunch can be done effortless. The Swept Compact C is almost a a full C-shape to provide that special bar feeling.

The Park is designed to be a kite that can deliver maximum boost with top notch handling to mae sure that the kite feels fun and reliable in any condition.

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  2. TONY MONTANA says:

    naish park 10 8 2012 best wave kites i have used great de power fantastic wind range fast turning great upwind light bar pressure no elbow problems since i got these kites which was a big issue with previous kites i cant fault these kites for wave riding will not pull you off the wave even in the gusties conditions drifts well i love these kites i only wave ride First naish kites i have owned i reccomend you try these kites you will not be dissopointed ALMOST FORGOT I RIDE STRAPPED BIG BOOST GOING OUT THE BACK

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