All About Naish kites

Why Naish?

I was wondering if Naish really make kites that are better than other brands, so I simply asked the manufactures and this is the answer I got:

Thank you for your interest in Naish kites. I myself started on Cabrinha kites in 2007. About 6 months later I began working with Naish. I have tested and tried a lot of kites. Most of the kites these days are pretty good kites as long as you stick with the reputable brands.  Here is how I would choose:

First, I would make sure you choose a brand that will stand behind the product and provide service after your purchase.  Naish has been in this game for a long time and has been able to do so because it stands behind its products.

Second, Choose the right kite for you. While there are a lot of good kites out there people’s styles, preferences and conditions are different. The Naish line has a full range of kites for different styles of riders, conditions and preferences. Just by the breif information you have provided I would suggest the 2011 Park.  It has C-Shaped performance for optimum freestyle performance with the added benefit of depower by using a bridle. This kite enables advanced riders to use the C-Shaped performance for load and pop as well as huge hooked in sent jumps. The simplicity, lightness and high depower makes it a great kite for advanced riders and beginners. We are actually using this kite for our schools. Which would be nice for you if you are starting a school. You can use the same kites for the school and your personal riding.

Third, Go Ride!

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