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2011 Naish Park Review

2011 Naish Park is a completely new kite from Naish. This year they created the Park as the ultimate hybrid kite on the market for Naish. You can see some basic differences for the 2011 Park, most significant is that there is no sigma shape. What they’ve done is that they have taken a light kite like the Torch and a leading edge bridle and made it 3-strut and you’ve got the ultimate hybrid Naish kite.


They maintained the vault for 2011 which has a sigma shape for those sigma lovers, that really like the gust production of the sigma and they also have the torch and they stick with the charger for 2011.


naish parkThe Park is a 3-strut design, full wing tip, hybrid kite. This kite has a centre strut, two side struts and the leading edge comes all the way to the wing tip. We got a really simple leading edge bridle with three attachment points. Beefed up pulley and an oversized line on which it’s riding on.


attachment linesOn the leading edge you have multiple loops where you attach the side lines, but only one attachment point which will give you a really direct feel.





What makes this hybrid naish kite so different to anyone else they made in the recent few years is the side of the wing tip. This kite has way more wing tip than any Naish Park from the past years. With that full wing tip it’s gonna give you a really stable pull through the turn, a little more of an arcing turn and not quite as pivoty as you’ve seen years past.

naish park pump system

One pump system has changed quite a bit for 2011. They made a huge easy access point with reinforced zipper with velco over on both sides, so it’s ultra easy to change the output system. Small zipper from the year past that was kind of hard to get to that main inflation point. It is now completely change, the whole strut will open up. There is still use of an output system, so really easy inflate/deflate which also allows you keep the struts inflated if you wanna do that. Another thing that has changed on the inflation system is that you got one way valve on the inflate and two way valve on the deflate.

The 2011 Naish control bar has quite a few changes. naish park barFirst and foremost, it’s not only a tacky tribal grip on the bar, but they really increased the grip on it. You got some bumbs here on your hands where they go which gives you a really hardcore grip, really solid grips that is good when you’re riding unhooked. Red line on the left, blue on the right, very simple. The bars length is adjustable, so you can decide whether you wanna set it on 18 inches for small kites or 20 inches if you’re riding with a bigger kite. The chicken loop got the same smart with depower below the bar, a big donkey dick and the safety line goes through the bar.naish park chicken loop It’s really nice to have the safety line through your bar since it’s easy to connect to your release system. There is also a stopper on the lines going through the bar, so you can decide how much throw you wanna play with. This is great since some people have short arms and some have longer arms. There are large floaters on the two sides of the bar and underneath them are the adjustable outside lines, so you can change that if the lines are stretching. All Naish bars comes stock with 20 meter lines, but they also come with 4 meters extension lines for bigger sized kites. I recommend that you put on those extension lines if you´re riding a kite on 12m or bigger which will you a bigger wind window while 20 meter is for suitable for small sized kites.

naish park 2011The 2011 Naish Park is a great all round kite. It has a huge range if you´re at the point where you’re just getting your first rides and when you’re good with the kite then you can ride this kite to top level for pros, wake style, free style or even in the waves, this kite is really gonna excel. Wide wing tips, 3 struts, light weight feel to it, real snappy fast turning, great power through the turns. Combine that with awesome universal system they got on the control bar and you got a huge winner here from Naish for 2011!


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