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Naish Torch 2013 Review

Naish Torch is the new kite introduced for the year 2013 from Naish and it has some of the most distinct and lovely features. The kite named as the Torch in this case comes in different sizes starting from 5M to 14M sizes, and it’s a C-kite shaped, and the best for free style surfing. For this Naish Torch kite the total team of Naish feels proud for it. This torch is fast and powerful and comes with new improved features with the state of the art performance when using it for surfing. The delivery power is very smooth. For an excellent pop and lift Naish gave airframe design to the new Torch. This new Naish Torch have non-swept outline, power foil canopy, shift system platform, evolutive profile, octopus inflation system. For the Hooked and un-hooked c- kite riding the shift control system is absolutely perfect choice.
There is an improvement in the design of the Torch so that it is each rider has the safety, control and comfort during all session. The specialty of the Torch is that it flies quickly in the air and when you need to depower the torch, it easily does so by just edging hard with your board. The torch is powered smoothly and depowered as the design is similar to the bridled kite which basically helps the kite to fly higher and faster. Due to the Torch’s precise design the riding of the kite is quite smooth and the rider will enjoy the ride whether he is attached or not attached to the hook. The struts on the torch are quite stiff when it is in the air which actually helps the torch to fly smooth and precise. Currently torch is been winning applauds of many kite surfers around the world due to all these new features in it.
The reason why torch has been appreciated so much in the sports recently is due to the couple of changes that has been made it to be liked by all. One of the key features is the non-swept outline which provides full power and is quite accurate when its needs to unhook. The struts on the kite are placed is such a way that very optimal control is available. The other feature is the Evolution profile which actually provides the power and speed to the kite from the center sections and helps in turning at higher speeds. It also helps in stabilizing the kite and avoids the back stall on the kite. The third good feature in the torch is the Shift system used which actually keeps the fifth line in the lock status so that when the user pulls, it moves only from his direction. The shift system basically depowers the kite when required. The power foil canopy feature in the torch generates or helps in the lift of the kite from the ground. The torch’s struts are made of Dacron frame which supports huge loads without any issues and the best part of this torch is its excellent when riding through the waves.


Naish Kiteboarding

Season 2 Episode 11 with Shawn Richman and Jalou Langeree in Maui. Shawn and Jalou explored the “wrong” side of Maui, away from all the white beaches and they did find some cool spots!

Naish Fly

The Fly is Naish’s new light wind kite. The Fly is possible to fly in virtually no wind and is exceptionally fun to ride. The extremely light weight of the Fly is primarily a result of removing the center strut. By doing this the kite performs pretty much as a spinnaker to a sailing boat, generating more power than you can expect in light wind conditions!
The Fly use the same handling system as for the Park, which make the kite very good turning abilities
The Fly uses the Park’s proven easy-handling design, which gives it superior turning ability, but the kite incorporates more overall sweep design, a.k.a. Swept compact C-shape. This Swept Compact C-shape blends the pop and lift from a C-kite with the handling of a swept SLE kite. This combination is necessary to be able to water relaunch the kite in marginal wind conditions yet providing as much lift as possible.

Design Characteristics:
* The Fly comes in one size only, 15m. However, this kite is said to hold the power of an 18m kite with the turning abilities of a 12m kite.
* Super-light weight
* Based on the proven Park platform
* Two strut design
* Incredible low-end
* Superior water relaunch in light winds
* Includes 10m extension lines

Naish Kiteboarding – This is Hawaii

Shawn Richman, Kai Lenny and Jesse Richman killing the waves in Maui!

Naish Nation Tour Across America

Jesse Richman and Davey Blair on kite tour across America!

Naish Torch 2012: What Revelation This Kite Is

Naish Torch 2012: What Revelation This Kite Is!
Each passing year, every new kite is introduced and how it gets more pop, longer hang time, quicker turning and all the splendid characteristics you are most likely to look on for a brand new model. Each year also we try to convince ourselves of the advantage more than the hype of its advertisement. Now, The Torch range is once again included, and for years the Torch has been fettled, fine tuned, enhanced, unlike most new model of kites where changes are often economical and evolution gone imperceptible, this kite was left wondering if it was no longer possible to tweak the best C-kite in the world. This is a fact, the 2011 Torch kite have changed into an upgraded 2012 version that will live up your expectation not just over the color scheme of the garish 2010.


Designed for professional use and is intended for competition – freestyle, power free riding and unhooked wave riding. Although this kite is targeted for the more experienced riders, the professional extreme freestyler, unhooked wave rider etc, the normal “all terrain” rider will wonder if it is still user-friendly for boosting some few jumps, for cruising around, for hooked in wave riding etc. One myth needs to be ruled out. C-kites are not the cruel unforgiving monsters that they used to be 10 years ago. These kites turned like hybrids in terms of engineered usability, safety and depower but it still retains the ultimate bar feel and boost of a C-Kite. A bridled kite is less demanding and easy to handle for sure, but a surfer of any level is now enjoying the performance and response of these C-kites, and all the more the ease of landing and self launching.


Accurate bar feel

The new kite model has above-the-bar trim adjustment and a modified comfortable color-coded EVA grip. The new kite still has the typical C-kite bar pressure, although not that much but still it has way more than most bridled kites. C-kite riders love the instinctive feel brought by this direct connection to the kite. The smooth and linear upgrade in bar pressure is undeniably one of the best reasons for riding a C-kite.  All-round handling is perfect. Kite Loop is basically non-pivotal; it pulls really hard. However, the Lift becomes surprisingly excellent when the kite comes around.

The bar is fairly simply, but a work of art. The grip is top of the line. Its feel and finish are outrageous like the feel of the superlight carbon. The trim system is there, back where it belongs – above the bar.  There is no fiddly below the bar hit and miss cleat adjustments any longer. This system works flawlessly and instantly. The center line is now sheathed in clear plastic that delivers a silky smooth feel.  Good enough though, there is no more frayed center lines (and also nerves) after long sunset swims.

Fast flying response

The Torch flies fast through the air and can depower easily with an instant check of the board edge. You can feel its power is delivered smoothly, with depower like that of a bridled kite by virtue of the new kite’s ability to fly even faster.

Unmatched Unhooked Pop

Hooked in wave-riding motion comes predictable and much smoother with a way quicker turning response as compared to previous kite models. Depower is nothing much like a bridled kite, approximately 80%. Although this is perfect for freestyle and free-ride, an instant tug on the new easily accessible depower strap is needed when dropping into the wave to soften the kite’s pull in the bottom turn.  Now, turning whilst depowered (the Achilles heel of preceding Torches) is now significantly modified. So, whether it is hooked in or unhooked, the power and stability of riding is accurate and is effortless. The struts’ position makes the kite firmer in the air, for a much even precise handling.

Steady power through the turns

This is not anymore evolution; this is the re-invention of the C-kite.  Finally, this kite model is a quantum leap in kitesurfing. The bar, the improved bag, lines and kite as a whole all ooze performance and high quality. For the past years the superb fifth line Shift System is still retained. The most noticeable visual change, besides the spectacular graphics, is the shifted two-end struts right into the wing tips.  When added to the stiffer (still narrow leading edge) you have a firm and stable wing especially at the tips that makes the turning response instantaneous.

Sizes come in 5 to 14

To fit within your level while suiting your riding pleasure, there is a wide selection of sizes that cater to your style and preference.

More great value

The now stiffer canopy complements the bridled kite. This profile enhancement helps maintain the uprightness of the Aerofoil shape that leads to pronounced increase in hangtime and kite’s overall efficiency. Like an SLE, glide is phenomenal and second boosts of lift available in mid jump with a quick pull on the bar. All these with no bridle (direct feel) but just the excellent support of Naish’s shift system. The enhanced version of the Shift Control System is designed primarily to support the arc, for easy water re-launch and superb feel. Basically and foremost, the prime element for this 2012 kite model is a new covered single-line depower.

What is yet a great value is that all 2012 Naish kites get a tiny white plastic “stopper ball” in the valve – a product of intensive testing of its R&D Department (the fruit of labor and ingenuity by Reo Stevens).  Surfers can easily counteract troubles occurring with their inflation valves.



Where a bridled kite (Naish Park 2012, not yet tested) will claim massive appeal because of its slightly more benign nature that delivers more depower, better wind change, foolproof handling, and more pivotal turning, the Naish Torch 2012 will appeal to riders who enjoy, float,  massive boost, kite loop pull, and the elusive superb bar feel. Its unbridled direct connection to the kite matters most.

The Naish Torch is similarly at home engaging heats on the world stage, and surely will be ripping up your home beach. The 2012 model of Naish Torch features modifications to all elements of an ideal kite package:  enhanced new bar, strut positions, reinforcements and a shorter arc – definitely, a cutting edge in your kitesurfing action. Everyone is striving to have it. C-kite feel is now being claimed all over the place. But, there is nothing like the real thing – The 2012 NaishTorch, and more to for a kite.

If you´re looking to by the Naish Torch or another kite to a really good price, then you might wanna check out King Of Watersports


Naish Park – 2012

The Naish Park is one kite that fits all styles and that be used in any conditions.

The Park has 3 struts and the profile is a Swept Compact C that makes the kite both stable and responsive. The powerful profile combined with low weight gives excellent low-end performances yet a great wind range.

The Park delivers maximum depower and relaunch can be done effortless. The Swept Compact C is almost a a full C-shape to provide that special bar feeling.

The Park is designed to be a kite that can deliver maximum boost with top notch handling to mae sure that the kite feels fun and reliable in any condition.

Naish Cult 9m – 2010

cult_2010This article is about the Naish Cult 2010 – 9m.


The Naish Cult 2010 is the 3rd generation of the Naish Cult and is with no doubt the best version so far! The Cult made revolution when it entered the market about three years ago with its sigma shape and geo-tech canopy. The plan with the sigma shape was to design a kite that didn’t deform when it was depowered and also to to move the centre of effort, the main pulling point of the kite, further back in the canopy to make a more stable foil. Sceptics claimed the kite wouldn’t stand the test of time, but three years on the Cult is still going strong and has never succumbed to the durability issues that others calimed it would. The first version was great, it had handling abilty in gusty conditions what was second to none, and last year the kite was just as good. This year we were keen to see what would change. Perhaps the most welcome difference is a much simpler bridle set up, similar to the system used on the Helix last year. The kite is also a little more arced in its shape, and its wingtips have been changed to echo the low drag design first seen on the 2009 Helix.


naish-cult-2010-barThe bar

Naish bars have always been a favourite of ours, always well finished and very well equipped. The Cult bar for 2010 comes with a smart bar loop and depower at the chicken loop similar to last years. As usual the chicken loop fits into the base of the bar so when you unhook it sits there ready for easy hooking back in. There is also a stopper on the chicken loop line, so you can easily stop the bar from disappearing up the centre line when you un-spin it for back loops, or adjust your foot straps. For total safety you can release the kite onto one line if you desire. The bar itself is adjustable so you get a 48-54cm bar all in one. Of course it is all finished in the usual polished style of Naish and oozes quality when you hold it in your hands.

In the air

Year 2010 the Cult has a much more developed C shape arc than before, and the difference this makes to the performance is quite stunning. the Cult always was a highly underrated kite in my opinion, often overlooked, but this year it takes it to the next level. It feels quite punchy in the air and eager to attack the edge of the window; perhaps a little less stable than last year, it would be hard to tell without flying them to directly back to back. But it certainly feels more powerful and faster through the air than last year. The turning this year is really direct, the new bridle means you get the kite to turn much more quicker when you input the steering into the bar than last year. You can really notice the difference and this is a very welcome development. The depower and gust handling is till very impressive, but the kite is definitely more aggresive than before, so you may find it needs more rider input in those gusty conditions rather than being able to park and forget it. Relaunching is still really easy, even though the new arc is more C shaped. The sigma leading edge is very easy to get it to roll over and back into the water.


Extremely stable canopy even in the gustiest of conditions, more powerful and direct in terms of steering than last year. Simpler bridle finishes off what is an excellent package. A great all round free ride machine, happy in a multitude of conditions and riding styles.


2009 the Cult was more of an entry level kite with superb performance capabilities, 2010 it is more of a performance go anywhere kite suited to free riders. Beginners might want to look to the new Charger for a more forgiving first time ride.


The 3rd generation Cult builds on the previous success and adds more performance and a shorter bridle, creating a very easy to fly go anywhere do anything machine!

Why Naish?

I was wondering if Naish really make kites that are better than other brands, so I simply asked the manufactures and this is the answer I got:

Thank you for your interest in Naish kites. I myself started on Cabrinha kites in 2007. About 6 months later I began working with Naish. I have tested and tried a lot of kites. Most of the kites these days are pretty good kites as long as you stick with the reputable brands.  Here is how I would choose:

First, I would make sure you choose a brand that will stand behind the product and provide service after your purchase.  Naish has been in this game for a long time and has been able to do so because it stands behind its products.

Second, Choose the right kite for you. While there are a lot of good kites out there people’s styles, preferences and conditions are different. The Naish line has a full range of kites for different styles of riders, conditions and preferences. Just by the breif information you have provided I would suggest the 2011 Park.  It has C-Shaped performance for optimum freestyle performance with the added benefit of depower by using a bridle. This kite enables advanced riders to use the C-Shaped performance for load and pop as well as huge hooked in sent jumps. The simplicity, lightness and high depower makes it a great kite for advanced riders and beginners. We are actually using this kite for our schools. Which would be nice for you if you are starting a school. You can use the same kites for the school and your personal riding.

Third, Go Ride!

2011 Naish Park Review

2011 Naish Park is a completely new kite from Naish. This year they created the Park as the ultimate hybrid kite on the market for Naish. You can see some basic differences for the 2011 Park, most significant is that there is no sigma shape. What they’ve done is that they have taken a light kite like the Torch and a leading edge bridle and made it 3-strut and you’ve got the ultimate hybrid Naish kite.


They maintained the vault for 2011 which has a sigma shape for those sigma lovers, that really like the gust production of the sigma and they also have the torch and they stick with the charger for 2011.


naish parkThe Park is a 3-strut design, full wing tip, hybrid kite. This kite has a centre strut, two side struts and the leading edge comes all the way to the wing tip. We got a really simple leading edge bridle with three attachment points. Beefed up pulley and an oversized line on which it’s riding on.


attachment linesOn the leading edge you have multiple loops where you attach the side lines, but only one attachment point which will give you a really direct feel.





What makes this hybrid naish kite so different to anyone else they made in the recent few years is the side of the wing tip. This kite has way more wing tip than any Naish Park from the past years. With that full wing tip it’s gonna give you a really stable pull through the turn, a little more of an arcing turn and not quite as pivoty as you’ve seen years past.

naish park pump system

One pump system has changed quite a bit for 2011. They made a huge easy access point with reinforced zipper with velco over on both sides, so it’s ultra easy to change the output system. Small zipper from the year past that was kind of hard to get to that main inflation point. It is now completely change, the whole strut will open up. There is still use of an output system, so really easy inflate/deflate which also allows you keep the struts inflated if you wanna do that. Another thing that has changed on the inflation system is that you got one way valve on the inflate and two way valve on the deflate.

The 2011 Naish control bar has quite a few changes. naish park barFirst and foremost, it’s not only a tacky tribal grip on the bar, but they really increased the grip on it. You got some bumbs here on your hands where they go which gives you a really hardcore grip, really solid grips that is good when you’re riding unhooked. Red line on the left, blue on the right, very simple. The bars length is adjustable, so you can decide whether you wanna set it on 18 inches for small kites or 20 inches if you’re riding with a bigger kite. The chicken loop got the same smart with depower below the bar, a big donkey dick and the safety line goes through the bar.naish park chicken loop It’s really nice to have the safety line through your bar since it’s easy to connect to your release system. There is also a stopper on the lines going through the bar, so you can decide how much throw you wanna play with. This is great since some people have short arms and some have longer arms. There are large floaters on the two sides of the bar and underneath them are the adjustable outside lines, so you can change that if the lines are stretching. All Naish bars comes stock with 20 meter lines, but they also come with 4 meters extension lines for bigger sized kites. I recommend that you put on those extension lines if you´re riding a kite on 12m or bigger which will you a bigger wind window while 20 meter is for suitable for small sized kites.

naish park 2011The 2011 Naish Park is a great all round kite. It has a huge range if you´re at the point where you’re just getting your first rides and when you’re good with the kite then you can ride this kite to top level for pros, wake style, free style or even in the waves, this kite is really gonna excel. Wide wing tips, 3 struts, light weight feel to it, real snappy fast turning, great power through the turns. Combine that with awesome universal system they got on the control bar and you got a huge winner here from Naish for 2011!